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Murder's Mark


Hearing about a carnival, you all decide to head off to check it out. A week’s journey on a boat puts you at Ilsurian, a town that is very prejudiced against other Varisian natives. The Umbra Carnival is ran by Varisians and allowed to set up the carnival outside of town with much reluctance.

You get there in the afternoon of the first day of its opening and play a handful of games, earning the respect and admiration of the carnival. Before you can call it a day, the baby dragon that is boasted as an attraction is let loose. Derp manages to get it in a grapple and the whole circus is happy, especially the beast master who rewards you and tries to escort you from the carnival grounds.

After night falls, the group decides to sneak in and free the animals, but Brekhan sees blood near the edge of the main tent. The group eavesdrops and hears the sheriff talking about a murder that had happened, trying to get the owner to talk about the Sphinx. Afraid of being noticed there and made a suspect, the group moves to where Almara’s wagon is and waits for her. They don’t wait long before she arrives.

“I was going to come and talk to you in the morning….” She explains the situation and writes a letter, basically allowing them to investigate the murder as her investigators. Reluctantly, she is even coerced into explaining the truth of the Spinx – that it is just an illusion.

“Please do not make it known. That is one of my major selling points for the circus.”

She promises 2400 gold if they can manage to solve this without telling the Spinx’s secret.


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