Wanderlust Company

Murder's Mark pt 2
Session 2

With some clues now to go by, the group went to the Locked Box to check on that lead. There wasn’t much there besides a skulk that basically told them that he was hired… and on the drug shiver after a heal check. Leaving there they heard shouts about a fight at the carnival, which Derp managed to stop with a roar. Shortly after the group was pulled towards another dead body, a cleric from the local temple. From there they caught a trail with the tiger and started to follow but came across a group beating on a carnival child. The ones doing the beating were killed quickly and the rest, once they realized the boy had been beat unconscious and wasn’t doing well, were quick to disperse with guilt. The sheriff found them then and took them to another body, thinking they would want to see it. The body had a note saying “We take care of our own” and a harrow card with an androsphinx. Closer inspection revealed another note saying he was hired by a local that owns the fishing business. They learned the man had been through some harsh times and was finally getting straight. Derp, tired of running around, had Roary finish following the trail. It took them in a roundabout route through the town, passing several establishments including the Storage and Handling Warehouse and Curiosity shop with some more pointed sniffs before heading to Braeton Manor.

At Braeton Manor the group was ambushed by thieves and an attempt to set up the orc as the main culprit behind the killings. This backfired when the true villain jumped from the children’s window and Derp and Roary chased while the others talked to the children to calm them down a little. The sheriff showed up after neighbors called for her due to the noise. The baddie was arrested and the group was given some cure light wounds potions and directed towards the Thieves’ Guild’s secret hideout – The storage and handling warehouse. There they went around and found more clues basically making it harder and harder for the culprits to deny that they had cooked up the whole scheme as well as disposing of several more thieves.

The sphinx was let off the hook without being exposed so Almara rewarded the group with 2400 gp. The sheriff let them also take anything that was magical and didn’t already belong to townsfolk there from the storage and handling warehouse. All in all, it had become a pretty decent haul.

Murder's Mark

Hearing about a carnival, you all decide to head off to check it out. A week’s journey on a boat puts you at Ilsurian, a town that is very prejudiced against other Varisian natives. The Umbra Carnival is ran by Varisians and allowed to set up the carnival outside of town with much reluctance.

You get there in the afternoon of the first day of its opening and play a handful of games, earning the respect and admiration of the carnival. Before you can call it a day, the baby dragon that is boasted as an attraction is let loose. Derp manages to get it in a grapple and the whole circus is happy, especially the beast master who rewards you and tries to escort you from the carnival grounds.

After night falls, the group decides to sneak in and free the animals, but Brekhan sees blood near the edge of the main tent. The group eavesdrops and hears the sheriff talking about a murder that had happened, trying to get the owner to talk about the Sphinx. Afraid of being noticed there and made a suspect, the group moves to where Almara’s wagon is and waits for her. They don’t wait long before she arrives.

“I was going to come and talk to you in the morning….” She explains the situation and writes a letter, basically allowing them to investigate the murder as her investigators. Reluctantly, she is even coerced into explaining the truth of the Spinx – that it is just an illusion.

“Please do not make it known. That is one of my major selling points for the circus.”

She promises 2400 gold if they can manage to solve this without telling the Spinx’s secret.

Mining Mission
Beginner 2

After a couple dwarves disappear into a mine, you were asked to go search for them and either arrest them if they were stealing gold or help them out if they were in trouble. There was gold ore in the mining cave, but there were also giant spiders and an earth elemental that had decided this was it’s home and he was happy there. The dwarves disturbed it and got beat up for it. After helping one, you confronted the elemental and were able to take it down with little trouble. The dwarves were rescued and all was good.

Black Fang
Beginner Adventure 1

The group was asked to investigate disappearing livestock and something in the caves. Beating goblins, skeletons, spiders, a reefclaw, and passing some traps, they finally found the culprit – A large black dragon. It looked like they were going to win, but the dragon, henceforth referred to as “Black Fang,” noticed he was going to lose with the strong Orc carrying a dragonbane longsword and quickly flew away.


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